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Hair Extension Methods

Tape Extensions
(Best method for thin or very fine hair, or Thick blunt styles to be blended.)

- This method is excellent whilst waiting on slow hair to grow.

- Quickest Method for fitting time.

- This non damaging method lasts 8-12 weeks between refits- this is dependent on how fine the hair is and how fast it grows. This is £150 and includes a complimentary hair treatment 
- The 3cm tape taps lie completely flat and discretely on your hair line, by far the Flattest method.

- The Tabs are sandwiched together with a section of hair between, allowing natural flow for a safe application.

- The hair is totally reusable and clients get around 9 months wear with correct aftercare and Products.

-Available in lengths 14-22 Inches

Mini locks
(Best method for thicker 

- Beautifully discrete and fantastic volume builder!

- Thredding the Hair through a small metal Bead and attaching an Itip Hair extension piece.

- Mini locks are a popular method and an updated version of classic (micro-beads) Half the size for creating fantastic length!

- This method typically lasts 6-9 Months (with the highest grade hair and 4-6 months with the Budget range) this is with the correct care and products.

- To Keep your hair healthy i recommend this every 10-12 weeks dependent on your hair growth .(£150)

- NO glue and NO heat 

-Available in lengths 12-24 Inches

Ultra Tips

- Exclusive to Remi cachet the ultra tips are extra hard wearing available in both Indian or Russian Hair .

- Reusable over and over again - refit is typically at 10-12 weeks.(£150)

- NO glue and NO heat 

-This new extension tip is not affected by heat or product damage and is completely re-usable time and time again. Lying completely flat with the natural flow of the hair, they are fitted using the oval-shaped Ultra Lock and work similarly to the mini locks.

-Available in lengths 16 and  20 Inches


- With years of experience and precision my pre-bonds are tiny and discrete they are perfect for weddings and longer term extension wearers.

- They last maximum of 4 months removal is £50

- Recommended to clients with oily hair.

- Available in lengths 12-24 Inches

Micro-weft and LA weave

- In over 52 colours and many different orients micro-wefts and La weave are the best alternative to the damaging sewn in wefts!

- 8-12 weeks refit time dependent (£150)

- Available in Lengths 16-24 Inches

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